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How To Make these Small,
Simple Bathroom Projects, Free Plans!

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Shot Glass
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These two projects can easily be completed in a weekend! Mine were both made from oak, to match our bathroom vanity. The only challenge here is scooping out the tissue holder so it can be recessed into the wall. The magazine rack has it's own challenge, makeing the mortises for the slats. Plans are available for both projects. 
This shows the setup for cutting the concave portion of the paper holder. Your actually cutting only an 1/8th of an inch of wood per pass. This photo was taken after I was done. The blank for cutting this is at least 12 inches long, even though you only need 5". This is for safety's sake, too dangerous cutting like this on shorter pieces. The hose is for dust collection. Even with that running the sawdust flies! It's necessary to clear out next to the fence after each pass. Please be very careful, there is alot of blade sticking up there! 
Use a push stick when you can! Be aware of where your hands are and where the blade is.
Keep your fingers on your hands!!!
This is what you'll end up with when your done. After you sand out the saw marks you'll have enough here to make two paper holders. The two pics below show the profile, not much protruding from the wall. The spindle holes are offset so the roll hangs squarely in the middle of the concave fixture.  
Click here for free plans!
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Click here to find 1/8" radius router bits.
Our bathroom is tiny! And has always been cluttered with magazines, most of them eventually falling in the toilet! I thought a small rack to hold them was needed to prevent further damage to my collection of WOOD magazines! The rack has a little shelf down inside to hold the half of the mags up 2" from the front ones. Makes it easier find what your lookin for.
The challenge is cutting the 1/4" mortises in the sides to receive the slats. This is easily done with a mortising attachment on your drill press, and if you haven't attempted this yet, this is a good place to learn it! The time is in the setup, it's very important the square chisel is parallel with the fence. You will also need to adjust the relationship between the square chisel and the drill bit inside. If the bit is too far below the chisel, it will be hard to line up your cuts. If it's too far inside, it will be tough pushing the chisel down into your work piece. Trial and error! The pic at left shows an example on a scrap piece i did to line up the fence.
Click here for Mortise machines and chisels
Here's the completed rack. It's only 12" high and 11" wide. The shelf to step up the magazines is behind the lower slat. Round over the sides with a 1/8" round over bit, inside and out. 
Click here for the free plans!

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