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Arthur Dollhouse Kit
Doll House woodworking plans.
Easy to make
Round Birdhouse

Shot Glass Displaycase 
Shot Glass
Display Case
Pirate's Chest- free woodworking plans
Free Pirate
Chest Plans
Horse Stable woodworking plans 
Bink's Horse Stable
Bink's Lil Wheelbarrow

This was a fun project! The plans are in Woodsmith magazine 8/00. There are 20 staves, each with a 9 degree angle on both sides. After the glue dries and the ends are plugged, the assembly easily turns into a perfect cylinder, first by using a block plane to knock off the corners, then with a random orbital sander.
Yes these will become Christmas presents! 
To assemble the cylinder, first you take the staves and arrange them outside up, besure they are even and square in their position. Then use masking tape to hold the mess together, flip the assembly over, apply glue in the joints, roll it up, and clamp with rubber bands. It's easier than it sounds!
Here we have roofs and bottoms attached. The bottoms are attached with brass screws so they can be removed for cleaning. Thats a 6' roll of 12" copper flashing for the roofs. Forming the cones for the roof will be another challenge!

See my Ride: 1600 Vulcan Crusier
Here's a closeup. There's three coats of spar satin finish poly, and of course the copper roof. I found a product that speeds the natural aging of copper to give it that greenish patina. The product is called Green Patina and it's available thru "JAX Chemical Company".  The Patina process is done after the roof is formed, but before it's installed. First the copper is washed with vinegar, then buffed with a "Scotch Bright" pad. Then the patina is sprayed in a fine mist and allowed to dry. It dries to a green powder that is wiped off in a few days. 
I have noticed that everyday the patina appears a little greener. Fascinating! You'll notice I had to tarnish the copper nails too! That was fun trying to scotch bright the nail heads! The product also was used on the brass washer and eye hook at the top. 

You can get the plans here!!!

After 3 years in the eliments, the round birdhouse still hangs in there! It even survived a random attack from a black bear!

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