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This project will match some existing cabinets for a customer of mine. There will be a base unit about 68" long, an applaiance garage, and an upper cabinet the same size. The face frames are maple and the sides are made from cabinet grade maple plywood. The drawer fronts are salvaged from other cabinets so they will match perfectly. 

Here's a shot of the base.

There will be a toe kick heater under this cabinet. So there needs to be an access to maintain the heater blower, and for installation. 
Here's a pic of the face frame. It's glued on with biscuits to aid with alignment. All the corners of the faceframe are blind half lap joints. I like half lap joints because they are very strong and will keep the unit from racking.  
The rest of the fase frame members will be added later using pocket hole joinery. 
Click here to see how pocket hole joinery works! 
This drawing shows the "blind" part of the half lap better. The drawing is seen from the inside of the faceframe. No end grain can be seen because of this design.
Here the face frame is complete and some of the drawers are installed. These are the recycled drawer fronts, the other I will make.
Almost done with the first bit, still need some knobs. The unit was designed by the customer.
The large drawer is really two drawers. You can see the second drawer hiding in this picture. The front of this drawer will have a recess on bottom of the drawer front to pull this drawer open.
And here's a pic of both drawers. I like to paint the inside of my drawers with three coats of oil based paint. This makes them easy to keep clean. The drawers are 1/2" birch plywood and joined with a 45 degree lock miter joint, more on this here.
Here's the upper cabinet, built to the same specs as the lower. And between these two units will be an appliance garage...
The appliance garage is made with a "premade tambout" or roll top unit. The face frame is solid maple like the other units. 

To see how this was made, go here.

And here's the finished project in the home. Another happy customer!


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