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Arthur Dollhouse Kit
Doll House woodworking plans.
Make your own:
Cove Moulding
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Make Cove Molding on the table saw

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This is the method I used for making the cove moulding on the FirePlace Surround. I used the instructions from WOOD Magazine to set this up. Plan on makin extra, just in case you screw-up! I made two 7' assemblies for the mouldings.
The blanks are 1 lamination of maple, and 2 laminations of scrap stock, pine. I used yellow glue with clamps every 4" alternating from side to side. After they dry, run them thru your planer or table saw to square up the edges.
Set up your saw with a 10" blade with at least 50 teeth. Set up a fence diagonally across the table at
43 degrees. 
This fence needs to be one half the width of the stock away fron the center of where the blade intersects the arbor, at it's highest intended point. Yes thats confusing, Check out the drawing below.

Now comes the fun part!
Lower the blade to 1/8" above the table, and feed the blanks, maple side down, slowly and steadily. Raise the blade no more than 1/8" and pass the stock over again. 
Use a feather board to keep the stock tight to the fence. Repeat this untill you reach your desired depth of cut.
Now, set the blade to 45 degrees and clip off the corners. Do one side then flip it over and do the other side. You need a feather board for this cut and the following two cuts. Don't attempt it with out the feather board. 
With the blade still at 45 degrees, make this second cut. Please be very careful, the blade is very high for this cut. Keep your fingers on your hands!!!
Now set the blade to 90 degrees and make this last cut. Note the 2X4 under the feather board, this makes the feather board even with the only part left to push against. Be careful, the blade is very high!!!
I was very pleased with the results I got. This was the first time I attempted somethin like this. It's very satisfying workin with wood, smellin the wood, cleanin up the mess!!! Ahhhhhhhhh....nothing better!

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