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Arthur Dollhouse Kit
Doll House woodworking plans.
Edge gluing boards together
with Dowels

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This is a simple device you can use to center holes in the edge of boards you wish to join. There are different sized holes in the top for the different size dowels there are to use. In this example, we're gluing up 3/4"stock so I'm using 3/8" dowels pins. Find dowel jigs here!
This is a "brad point" drill bit. The point prevents the bit from walking. You can buy the dowel pins at most hardware stores, the grooves let the glue escape from the bottom of your holes!
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After you've decided how you're going to lay out the boards, and have jointed the edges, you'll need to lay out the dowel placement. I like to space them every 8 to 10" apart. Simply take a straight edge and make a witness mark across both pcs. Make sure they all line up.
Match your witness line up with the line opposite the desired dowel size. Then tighten up the clamp on the work piece. This centers the hole for the drill bit over the edge of the stock.
With the jig in place, drill your hole! be sure to drill a little more than half the length of the dowel pin. 
After you drill all the holes in both pieces, apply glue to the edge of the first piece allowing the glue to drip in the holes. Drive the dowel pins in the holes and spread the glue out over the rest of the piece.
Now spread glue on the mating piece and position over the pins. Using a rubber mallet, work the pieces together evenly, make sure to keep the pieces flat across the new plan you are creating.
Now spread out the bar clamps, one about every 8 to 10 inches. The biggest problem here is keeping the assembly flat! Clamp a couple of pieces of hardwood to the ends to keep them flat. Be sure to use waxed paper to keep the extra pieces from becoming a permanent addition to your creation!

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