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Arthur Dollhouse Kit
Doll House woodworking plans.
FirePlace Surround

Plans are available for this project
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The end columns are 58 1/2" tall by 8 1/4" wide. I thought this step was going to be challenging but it was way too easy!  Click Here to see how to set  this up. 
Well now it's starting to look like somethin! Finished will be 60" tall by more than 7 feet wide! 
I discovered that this thing is not leaving my home gracefully! I'll be able to squeek it out the door to the shop, but it won't go out the cellar door. It won't fit up the cellar stairs either, that is with the stairs in place! Yup, stairs gotta go! 
Now comes the fun part, applying all the trim. It's been easy up to this point, now we get challenged!
This is the bottom of one of the columns. Shows better detail of the flutes. 
See my Ride: 1600 Vulcan Crusier
Here,s a good pic of the 5"radius cove moulding. Believe me it's easier to make the moulding than it is to make perfect miters with it! I made extra, and I needed it!  I also made a sanding block out of "bondo". I poured some in a 6" section of the moulding. Make sure to line your mold with waxed paper, and stick a handle into the mold before it dries. This made quick work of sanding the saw marks. I started with 6o gritt and worked my way up to 220grit. It sanded up nicely in no time!
Click here to see how I cut the cove molding 
on the table saw.
This is just another view of the column. The cove is mounted to a filler piece of pine, that will be covered with a trim piece later. 
Check this page for tips on cutting and glueing the small mitered trim pieces.

Here the surround is nearly finished, still in the shop. There is a 2X8 screwed to the bottom to help keep the columns in place and protected from the floor. 

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You can see how large it is in relation to the stairs. The pic below is lookin up to the first floor with the stairs pushed of to the side, and the pic at left is a shot at us real strong he-man type guys, ready to push it up thru the hole! It weighs 132 lbs with out the blankets.
Click the pic for the Plans!
I really enjoyed working on this project, I followed the plans from WOOD Magazine closely, because this was my first time making many of the trim eliments, and the suggestions from WOOD were wonderful!  They know how to break down a large project into small managable steps. 

By the way, this was the last project built in the shop as it looks here. Because of the problems getting this thing out of the shop, I decided to make the shop a little bigger and build my own walk out five foot wide entrance. 

You can see more of my improved shop here.

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