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Plans for this cabinet are available here
This gun cabinet was fun to make, tho a little more difficult. I tried to get someone to etch the glass with a deer or somethin but they all wanted too much. The cabinet stands 83" tall and holds six rifles above, hand guns below, and ammo in the draw. All compartments can be locked but sence the doors are glass, trigger locks are recommended. This project takes a moderate skill level, table saw, router, and some miter work at the top and bottom. The cabinet is made in two pieces, bolted together. 

Sorry I didn't take any pics when i made this piece.

This tip for etching glass was emailed to me recently: 
"I saw your comment about etching on your gun cabinet. There is stuff that can be used to make it look like etched glass. Its in the craft department at any Wal-mart or at a craft store. Just find a stencil of a deer that you like, glue it on with stencil glue(also in the craft department), then carefully paint on the etching. A couple of hints: cut around the edge of the stencil before removing, follow the directions for priming the glass after the stencil is in place, don't over apply the etching-you'll get bumps-its better to apply a second coat. 
Hope this helps!"
A fellow crafter
Click Here for the plans that were the inspiration for my gun cabinet!

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