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Jame's Porch Chair

Vin, here are some pictures of the chair as I was putting it together. This one is only 20" wide where I have made the
plans for it to be 24" wide but It's a matter of cutting the runners and slats to the desires length.Hope this gines you an idea of how it's made so people can see. Thanks for putting it on your site. 
                   Sincerely, James 
I see no reason why the slats could not be extended over the tops of the legs, as long as they don't interfere with the arm placement. By the way, the arms are optional. I've used them when I made a porch swing for extra support and left them off when I used this pattern as a bench.

Here are some plans for a chair that I call a porch chair. I make this chair from wolmanized lumber and it takes about three 2" X 12" X 8'. I hope that someone will get some enjoyment out of
this lil project. I've also modified the plans making them longer and drilling holes in the arms so a chain will pass through them and bolt to the bottom pieces then leaving off the legs. Then it's a porch swing. Here is a pic of a finished swing. I hope you like it. 

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To copy to your hard drive, right click on each page and choose save.

Chair Assembly:
After you have cutout and prepared all parts for assembly, start by fastening Item 2 to Item 3 with 3" decking screws as shown below.

Next, align the two sub assemblies on a bench or table at 24" apart and using 3" decking screws, attach the two Braces (Item 5) to the underside of the Seat Support (Item 2). Next fasten a Slat (Item 4) to the top of the Back Support (Item 3).

Note: The Slats (Item 4) should be pre-drilled and countersunk on each end before attaching them to minimize splitting. They can also be attached by using 1/4" X 1-1/4" crown staples.

Make sure your assembly is square then continue attaching the Slats, being careful to keep them properly spaced. There should be eleven slats on the back and eleven on the seat (see main drawing).

Next, make the sub-assemblies for the arms as shown below. When attached to the chair, they are held parallel to the bottom of the Seat Support (item 2). The height of the arms can be adjusted somewhat before attaching them to the main assembly but should be held parallel.

The last thing to do is attach the legs and leg braces as shown (see main drawing again). You should now have a finished chair, ready to relax in.


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