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Doll House woodworking plans.
Cutting straight 
Key hole Slots 
(Those neet little built in hangin thingys) 
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Shot Glass
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Free Pirate
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This is a great way to hang things with out buying extra hardware, and it adds a special touch. 

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This view sinply shows the bit in relation to the wood. It works quite simply: first you plunge the bit into the wood, then you move toward the top of the project to make a slot beneath the surface. The problem is making the slots straight, and end in the same place every time. The later isn't all that important unless you use more than one in your project. Coat racks would require at least two.
Here i have the center line marked for my key hole slot. I have also drawn layout lines that define the outermost dimension of my router. In this case, my router has a 6" base, so the lines are 3" to each side of the center of the slot location.
Ok, now clamp scraps of wood on these lines so the router has a channel to travel thru. Obviously this keeps the router on the straight and narrow. Depending on skill level, you could easily do the procedure with just one support.
To controll how long the slot is (and it doesn't need to be more than 3/4" or so) you'll need some sort of fence attachment to your router.
You can see in this pic, that the router slides along the clamped support and will stop when the fence hits the work piece. Because of the shape of the cutter, you'll have to shut off the router and let it come to a stop before you try to remove the bit from the slot. You can just do this whole opperation "by eye" and it will work, but it will look sloppy. Also if you need more than one of these, there is no way to control the lenght so there both exactly the same.
There's really nothing to it! Now you have a way to hang your works securely and tight to the wall! Try it for your self!

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