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I've seen many different designs for kitchen organizers but this design seemed to blend in with the style of my kitchen. It's made of red oak with a lacquer finish. The base, back and sides are 1/2" and the dividers and draws are 1/4" thick.  
Routing all the grooves for the dividers is really easy with a router table. 
Many of the cuts here will be plunge cuts. Be sure to mark the fence to reflect where the sides of the bit are, and to mark where cuts begin and end on the reverse side. I used a 1/4" bit for all cuts here, I just made a couple of passes for the 1/2" stock. Be sure to use a backer piece where the bit exits the stock, to prevent tear out.
I like to use epoxy when assembling small projects like this. It's very strong, acts as a void filler, and if some epoxy shows up after it's dry it blends in with clear finish nicely! No need to dig into the corners to sand it off. Make sure to stay away from the "5 Minute Epoxy", that stuff is junk! Get the 24 Hour stuff! Sometimes it's called "2 Ton Epoxy". T-88 is another good epoxy.
The draws are made from the same red oak. I took 3/4" stock, resawed it on the table saw, then cleaned up the saw marks and sized it to 1/4" in my planer. You can purchase 1/4" stock at many home centers, etc.  
Shape the front of the draws as in the pic at left. I traced a qt. can for the radius.
Next route a 1/4" wide dado along the both edges of the front and back pieces. This will accept the sides. Then plow out a groove in all the pieces for the bottom of your draws. 1/8" masonite works fine for this. I used some white plastic I had left over from another job, I liked the contrast.
I like to use picture frame clamps to hold my small parts square while they cure. There are no mechanical fasteners, just the epoxy. The frame clamps holds the parts square while the bar clamps close the joint. I had to make the draws in two steps, first I glued up the front with a side, and the back with the other side. The next day I glued these assemblies together with the bottom in place.
It sounds time consuming, and I suppose it is. But I save my assembly for the last thing to do in the shop before heading upstairs. The next day I'm all ready to start again! When the drawers are complete, route around the top with a 1/8" radius bit.
For a finish, I used a clear lacquer in a spray can! I really like this stuff for small projects. It's cheap and easy to use. Sand between coats as usual. You can apply two or three coats an hour, the stuff dries really fast!

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This was a neat little project, I think I had less than ten hours in it including the finish work.  
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