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Doll House woodworking plans.
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Small Mitered Trim

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Many Times I've been workin on a project that needed some trim. I'd run down to the local lumber yard and pick up some quarter round or some cove molding. Then came the task of attempting to cut the miters on a miter box, Yuck! I screwed up alot! Sooooo..... I got a power miter box! This will solve all my problems! Yea right! I just made mistakes faster! I always found my self with a piece of trim a whisker too long. I'd take it back to trim off a bit, and Wham..... Too short!   When I finally got the cuts close enough, I'd apply some glue, set the trim in place, nail or clamp it down, and all the glue would squeeze out all over my project! AAAARRRGGGGG!!!!!
12'' Disc Sander with Integral Dust Collection
Model 31-120 Delta Industrial Model 31-120 12" Disc Sander with Integral Dust Collection includes a 1/2HP, 120V motor; hose with 2 1/2" I.D. connectors, 80-grit abrasive disc, wrenches and instruction manual.

12'' Disc Sander with Integral Dust Collection


I used the following tip from WOOD Magazine, when I made the fire place surround. I think you'll find this a fantastic tip!

Yup, the only time trim sees a saw in my shop is when it's rough cut to length! This pic shows a piece of the fireplace surround trim being shortened a bit. I use scrap wood to make a fence perpendicular to the wheel. If my corner isn't exactly 45 degrees, tippin the table a bit takes care of that problem. 
When I need to sand a 90 degree, I use a block cut with a 45 degree on it, put it against the fence and I'm ready to go.
I think this is a perfect miter joint! The side piece has been glued and the top one is just sitting there. But how do ya glue the stuff down without getting glue all over everything?
Ok now pull out your "V" bit and stick it in your router table. Set up with about 3/32" (or whatever you think is best for your situation) above the table. Make sure to use feather boards to hold the trim tight to the table and fence.
See my Ride: 1600 Vulcan Crusier
And now look what you get: Glue Gutters! And they really work! Apply glue to the center, between the gutters only. When you nail or clamp on the trim, the glue squeezes out and fills the gutters! 
Whether you make your own trim, or buy it from the home supply center, cut your gutters first in all your trim pcs. Then go ahead and do the miters.

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