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for 1/08

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Below are a few interesting articles, and some free plans. 

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One important tool recall to report first:
DeWALT Recalls Cordless Drills due to Fire Hazard
The trigger switch of the cordless drill can overheat, posing a fire hazard to consumers.

Click Here to check model numbers of affected drills

These guys have a bunch of plans from August Home Publishing Company, including the Round Bird House below.
Hundreds of plans form the pages of Woodsmith, Workbench, and Shopnotes.

Yeah, believe it or not, spring is comming, be ready with this stylish:
Round Birdhouse!
This is a fun project, and it really is allot easier than it looks!  Step by step plans make this an easy weekend project. The plans are available and include Full-color photos and exploded views,  Shop tips & techniques, and a  How-to: Make a circle-cutting jig.

Check out this easy project!

My latests Easy Projects!

 Rocking Horses from Wood Magazine
I made these Rocking Horses for my two youngest grandchildren Sare and Emily. There are a few interesting tips and help making the turned oak dowels and balls on your lathe.
Also the plans are available from WOOD Magazine!

Learn more here!

 Screw Driver Kit made easy from
Rockler Woodworking!

This is a fun and fairly simple turning project that rewards you with a fine shop made tool you can show off, or give as a gift!

See how I made mine!

Here's another FREE Plan from

If you like to collect things, this handsome curio coffee table can help ease the storage crunch. The project is topped with a piece of heavy glass with a drawer underneath that provides almost four square feet of display space. The curio table measures about 38 inches long by 24 inches deep by 17 inches tall. 5 pages.
Get your Free Plan here!


Free plans available!

New website:

Workshoppics lets you upload pics of your shop. Dave also hosts a new woodworking forum, and offers free plans to build the tool rack pictured at left.

These tool storage racks can be built to the size that best fits your workshop layout and available wall space. The ones pictured on the are 4 high by 4 wide and could have been built 4 high by 8 wide or any other size to fit your wall space. You decide on the size that best fits your workshop situation. 

There is nothing more important than safety in the shop! Wood dust can be very dangerous, not only as a fire hazard, but the dust is no good for your lungs and eyes.  Exotics seem to be the most harmful, 
here is a list of different woods and their toxicity level.

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Here are a few Plans from past Newsletters:
My Grandson loved his Pirate's Chest filled with candy money! You can make this using simple "box joint joinery"

Get the free plans here!

stock photo
Build this simple birdhouse for yourself or with your kids. It's a great way to break the kids into woodworking!

Get the free plans here!

stock photo
Build this beautiful Garden Arbor, with or without the doors. Click here to see how I made my Arbor and to find the  Free Plans!
WOOD Magazine has many great Lawn Decorations for the summer season! They also have some jumbo transfer paper (like carbon paper) so you can reuse your patters over and over.
I made this barn for my horse loving granddaughters. I looked at lots of pictures and came up with this design. This page will help you thru the project, be sure to pick up the plans for this project at the bottom of this page.


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