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Toy Pickup Truck

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Hi all. Here's an easy little toy you can whip up in an afternoon. This 10" pickup has a cartoon look with it's over sized wheels and bright paint job. The wheels were turned on my lathe but you can buy pre made 2 1/4" wheels. 
Treaded Toy Wheels
Treaded Toy Wheels

Start with some clear pine, one piece of 2X6  and two pieces of 1X6 all 12" long. Screw the two 1X6s together in the upper corners, like the pic at left. Then tape the fender pattern to it. Tape the body pattern to the 2X6. If you like you can mark the axle locations on the body. I like to use a nail- set to do this. It's not pointy so it's not going to be influenced by the grain. 
At this time it might be a good idea to cut out two masonite pieces from the fender pattern. We'll use this for protecting the truck when we clamp it up later.

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Now cut the bottom, front & back end of each piece as shown. If you want you can drill the holes for the axles now or do them later. The size of the holes will depend on your wheels. If your buying the wheels pre made, then you'll probably have the pre made axle pegs too, so drill them to fit your pegs. If your gonna make your own wheels, then drill the axle holes to 9/32".
Maple Axels
Maple Axels

I lucked out with my bench mounted drum sander, it fit the wheel wells perfectly, but you can chuck a drum sander in your drill press and get the same results. This is really the only chance you get to sand the wheel well openings, but don't bother sanding the rest till later.
Now get ready to glue everything together. try not to get any glue in the wheel area of the body.
Put screws in the upper corners again so the assembly doesn't slip when you clamp it together. Make sure the bottom, front & back are flush.
Ok, pull out the clamps! You can see the masonite pieces in there protecting the fenders from the clamps. Clean up any glue squeeze out that forms on the wheel wells with a damp rag.
Ok, almost done. Take the body pattern and line it up on the truck and cut out the rest of the body. Sand out the saw marks.
Chuck up a 1/4" round-over bit and go around the front, top & back of the body. Yes I screwed up and painted it before I thought of this. 
1/4''Miniature Roundover Router Bit
1/4''Miniature Roundover Router Bit

Hey Al... there's the yellow truck with the cock-eyed windows! LOL 
Paint the wheel wells and bottom with black paint. I used enamel. I also used the black paint for bumpers. I suggest sanding off any black you got on the sides, it's very difficult to cover it later. Paint the rest to suite. Don't ask me to help you with painting tips...I hate to paint! Go ask  Alice!!!

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