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Arthur Dollhouse Kit
Doll House woodworking plans.
Bink's  Plans!
These are plans I have drawn over the years. Most of these plans are Free. 
The Featured Plans I am asking a modest Fee. All tutorials on my pages are free, 
but the older plans drawn before the internet, so no tutorials available.

Shot Glass Displaycase 
Shot Glass
Display Case
Pirate's Chest- free woodworking plans
Free Pirate
Chest Plans
Horse Stable woodworking plans 
Bink's Horse Stable
Bink's Lil Wheelbarrow

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Featured Plan with tutorial
I've finished  making this Wheelbarrow for my grandson Joseph, Plans are available now!
See how I made Mine!
Featured Plan with tutorial
I made this project for my son-in-law Steve, to display his collection of shot glasses. This case will hold 42 glasses, eight tall ones and thirty four short ones.  
You can get my plans here!
Free Plan and tutorial
My Grandson loved his Pirate's Chest filled with candy money! You can make this using simple "box joint joinery" 
Get the free plans here!
Build this cute little framed mirror. The joinery is simple pocket screws and biscuits! Add a few pegs, a shelf and some simple trim and you've got a smart looking gift! 
Free Tutorial & Get the Free Plans here!
Featured Plans & Tutorial
This was a fun project to create and build! I  made it for my granddaughters who love horses. Simple 1/4" plywood construction with many features to drive lil imaginations for hours! 
You can get my plans here!
Here's another project for my local grocery store. It replaces their lottery and photo drop booths. You know, those plastic boxes with all the tacky advertising. A little more skill is required for this project, also a table saw, router table are needed, to make the raised panel doors and the many dados and rabbits. 
The Tutoral and FREE Plans are here!

Another fine "father/son" project to take up your spare time! This took about a month to complete working evenings. Definitely kept me away from more "important" duties!  Free plans are here!

Featured Plan
This project is intended to be painted, (I did some different things with wood puddy!)  This is a more challenging project, but still requires only basic skills. Besides a table saw, you'll need a bandsaw or scroll saw, drill press, and a mortise attachment for your drill press, or a dedicated mortiser. See how I built mine Here!

This is a real quick and easy project to make and it gets fantastic results with minimal effort! You don't even have to finish them because there made from cedar. No sanding either....I knew that would make you happy! My spiral thing was 8" wide and 30" long, you can make yours an size or design you want, it's easy! 
Directions are here!
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Featured Plan
This blanket chest is a fun project. These were all solid pine but would look great in maple, lined with cedar. Plywood could also be used (uck)!The project measures 20"x34" and is 20 1/4" tall. I used dowels to lay up the panel sections but biscuits would work just fine. A table saw and knowledge of miter work is needed, but this is really a simple weekend project. 
Get the plans here!
Featured Plan
Free tutorial
I've seen many different designs for kitchen organizers but this design seemed to blend in with the style of my kitchen. It's made of red oak with a lacquer finish. The base, back and sides are 1/2" and the dividers and draws are 1/4" thick. Here are the Plans!
Featured Plan
Free tutorial
This was a fun project for my son and I! Both power tools 
or hand tools can be used, and the project can be completed in an evening, perfect for kids! 
Plans are here!
Free Plans and Instructions!
This is a cute, and real easy project that you can finish in an evening. The bat is a child's 28" mounted on a piece of 1X6   32" long. Plans and tips on how I made this are on this site! You can buy this item too! 
Click here for the Free plans!

Free Plans!
This book easel was intended to be used in a class room environment. The two 3/8" dowel pins hold a large picture book and it's pages in check. This project could easily be adapted to most any use. It's simple enough to be completed in a weekend or less.  
Free Plans are here!


These are a couple of weekend projects that are fun to make. The tissue holder uses the method of cutting coves on the table saw, and the magazine rack has simple mortises for it's construction. 
Find the Free plans here! 
I made this simple step stool for my grandson Michael. It's made of 3' of 1 by 10 pine. Simple butt joints reinforced with screws make this an easy project for the beginner, or perhaps a child's first project.  
Help yourself to the Free plans! 
Featured Plan
Layout and plans for this simple music box are here along with suppliers for the hardware.  
plans are here!
Plans for the Lil Bugger can be downloaded for free from this site!  
 Click here for instructions and the plans 
Plans for this toy can be  
download free from this site! 
 Click here for instructions and plans 
Plans for this Simple Book Case can be downloaded from this site! 
Click here for instructions and the plans 
This junior work bench measures 35" wide and 56" tall and is very sturdy. There's plenty of pegboard to hang your tools and a big shelf below for all kinds of stuff! This is definitely a weekend project, depending on the finish desired.  
Get the Free plans here! 
The top measures 19"x47" and it's 29'' tall.  It has a laminate top and ball bearing draw guides. The project requires basic knowledge of table saw and hand tools. This was one of my first lathe projects so the turning is quite simple.  My table is made from solid pine (no plywood) but you could use cabinet grade ply for the larger panels. 
Free Plans are here!
I didn't draw the plans for this project, but it was so much fun to make I added it to this page. Follow the link below to see wherre you can buy these plans. 

This gun cabinet was fun to make, tho a little more difficult. The cabinet stands 83" tall and holds six rifles above, hand guns below, and ammo in the draw. All compartments can be locked but sence the doors are glass, trigger locks are recommended. 
This project takes a moderate skill level, table saw, router, and some miter work at the top and bottom.  
Go here to get the plans

Featured Plans. 
Sorry, no tutorial.
Click here to buy the plans, 
only $5.99 
Bompy's Barn 
         Walter Blodgett, was more than my father in law, he was more of a mentor. What he could do with his hands was amazing! From remodeling, to plumbing and electrical, to woodworking, this guy could do it all! I'm grateful to have been taken under his wing, for without his wisdom, I wouldn't have made it this far! 
He came up with a plan for a toy barn about 50 years ago. He made a larger version for his grandchildren and later this smaller version for his great grandchildren.
The Barn measures 14" x 10" x 10" tall. All the doors swing or slide open and half the roof is removable. Knowledge of table saw techniques is required. I used a miter box to cut the trim around the windows and doors. You could cut out scale sized horses and cows to fill up the barn yard and your little ones imagination! This barn brought many hours of pleasure to all our kids and all of Bompy's children!
After your purchase of any of my plans, you will be re-directed to the plans' download page where you can get the plans right away! If you don't get redirected, please Email me and I'll see that you get them.

Plans from WOOD Magazine!
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