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Removing that nasty post!

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Here's a pic of that post and some of the framing. The post supports a 2X4 laminated beam 16' long. Double 2X8 purlins hang from the center of the beam and 2X8 joists hang from the purlins.
There are 3 other larger beams in the shop. This one was under size because when the original 8X8 beam was destroyed by insects, this laminated beam was handy and did a good job with the post. 
But now the post is in the way. Using the table saw has always been a problem, pushing it around to clear the post, depending on the job. Cutting full sheets of plywood has always been a nightmare! 

The Post also serves another use, my youngest son's growth history is logged here. You can bet I'll find another place for this.

After removing some lighting, waste lines, and moving some wiring, I'm able to get to the small block which needs to be replaced with a full sized one to support the larger beam.
The next step was to raise that end of the beam so I could slip in the new block.  
As you can see I had plenty of help!
Here you can see the new block in place along with the holes for the additions.
This pic shows the center of the beam where the post was. Also the purlins have been cut back to make room for the 2X8 additions.
This is of course the side of the house, where we will stuff the new 2X8s. You can see the end of the laminated beam here along with that new block that was added.
Ok! The next morning and we're ready to stuff those 2X8s into position.
This pic shows the first of the 2X8s in position. I wedge the piece against the floor with the crown up, and secure it using a nail gun. I do the same with the reaming 2X8s, adding two to each side. Note the building jacks are still supporting the 
beam and purlins.
Here is the completed beam, two 2X8 on each side of the laminated beam. You can see the purlins resting in the double joist hangers. The unpainted spot in the middle of the beam is where the post was!
Now I have alot of cleanup. In the background you can see a drain pipe that needs reconnecting. There are also lights to put back, wires to reroute, and just clean up that mess!
This is a close-up of the end of the beam, taken from out doors. Some insulation, some clap-boards, and little stain and this job will be done!


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