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Doll House woodworking plans.
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I am making a desk / workbench for a local gun collector here, everything will be red oak from a local mill, with an early American  stain and semi-gloss poly finish. 
Photo at left I'm milling out one of the many styles for the frames to support the desk. Note the feather boards hold the work piece down tightly. I bought these from Hartville Tools from the link on the right. You can also find similar feather boards at Rockler.
Here I'm making the rail cuts. These will fit into the styles at the top and bottom of the frames. The white piece of wood has a mating route to the rail so when the router bit exits the work piece it will not splinter. The clamp on the miter gauge is a good idea, the bit tends to push the workpiece away. Styles and rails are cut good face down with my bits. These are the bits I use.

In this next pic, I'm "raising" the panel. 

Be sure to slow down the panel raising bit speed, I'm at 12k rpms for this 3-1/2" bit. The little pin just to the right of the work piece is used to stead the work while it enters the bit. Once the work is riding on the bit bearing, just rotate your angle of attack just a bit to back off the pin. Also notice the back of the panel has been relieved, this makes the front of the panel even with the front of the frame. 
Please remember that these opperations must never be done freehand! Only use the style and rail cutters, and the panel raiser in a router table designed to swing these large bits!

Feather Board

4-Piece Safety Kit
4-Piece Safety Kit

Traditional Stile and Rail Router Bit Set
Traditional Stile and Rail Router Bit Set

Here's the center style, note both sides accept a rails and panels. 

To learn more about making these kind of joints, Look here.

Below are all the parts for the frames. These will make up the supports for the desk top. The pic to the right shows a dry fit of one of the frames.
Next I need to make the face frame that will connect 2 of the side frames together to form a door. At left, I used 1-1/4" stock to make up the top and sides of this faceframe. Shown is the inside of a blind halflap joint. This is faster to create than a mortise and tennon joint and is very strong. When this frame is attached to the front of the side frames, you won't see the endgrain of the top rail. 
Rockler's #1 Router Table Package
Rockler's #1 Router Table Package

7/16'' - 11/16'' Frame & Panel Router Bit Set With Wooden Case
Frame & Panel Router Bit Set

Universal T-Track
Universal T-Track

JIG IT® Hardware Kit
JIG IT® Hardware Kit


See my Ride: 1600 Vulcan Crusier
Porter-Cable Deluxe Biscuit Joiner, Model No. 557
Porter-Cable Biscuit Joiner

1000 Piece Biscuit Mix
1000 Piece Biscuit Mix

36'' & 48'' Sure-Foot™ Aluminum Bar Clamps
Sure-Foot™ Aluminum Bar Clamps

I finish the panels before the assembly is glued up. This is so if the panel shrinks, you won't see unfinished wood peeking out behind the styles. 
Next I layout and cut the slots for biscuits to hold the face frame to the sides. I use #20 biscuits spaced about 6-7" apart. 
This is the Porter Cable 557 biscuit joiner or "plate joiner." I have really fallen in love with this tool! Gone are the days of drilling for dowel pins! This is faster and more accurate. 
This is the inside of the face frame, the biscuit slots match up with those in the pic above.
Avenger Super Fine 8'' Carbide Dado Set
Avenger Super Fine 8'' Carbide Dado Set

Tormek Sharpening System
Tormek Sharpening System

Sharpening Center - Delta Industrial Model 23-710 Sharpening Center 1/5HP, 120V motor
Sharpening Center - Delta Industrial Model 23-710

Here we begin to assemble the carcus. the plywood floor and back are glued in their dados. This makes for a very rigid assembly.
Find dado blades here.
This is a close up of the back panel and it's dado. You can see where the floor dado pokes thru to the rear.
In this pic, you can see the biscuits that will help secure and aline the face frame.

Both sides are glued up and square, now  the face frame goes on. Glue covers the slots, biscuits and mating surfaces.

Woodcraft.com - Helping You Make Wood Work
3/8" Inset Hinges
3/8" Inset Hinges

Accuride Full Extension Box Drawer Slide (Series 3832)
Accuride Full Extension Box Drawer Slide (Series 3832)

Blum 2-Way Nickel-Plated Face Frame Hinges
Blum 2-Way Nickel-Plated Face Frame Hinges

Hinges are self closing half lap with an antique brass finish. Also only the pins of the hinges are exposed when the door is closed, no screws showing, very neat looking.

The drawer slides are Accuride ball bearing supported and full extension. Full extension means the whole drawer slides out of the cabinet, not just 3/4s of it!
Looks wonderful!  Next we work on the desk top. I've chosen some nice 8/4 red oak for this. 

On to Page 2 and the desk top.

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