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Road Runner Whirly-Gig
by Robert Collier

Shot Glass Displaycase 
Shot Glass
Display Case
Pirate's Chest- free woodworking plans
Free Pirate
Chest Plans
Horse Stable woodworking plans 
Bink's Horse Stable
Bink's Lil Wheelbarrow

If you have any questions, please email Robert at  coolerscecs@earthlink.net

"You have to make a couple of jigs at 45 degrees in order to cut the small spining piece i e mail a photo,I have a tenion jig to safely cut the 8 inch slot with 45 degree slot.  i made another jig to cut the 45 on my band saw. These jigs are a must for safety. i bought letters  at a craft store @ eyes --or make on scroll saw. 2inch screw are needed ,washers etc,  the 3quarter slot on the 3 inch spin cut ist. the center hole has to be on the correct side.for the unit to work."
"Looks ok order is cut 3quarter slot 1st,angles rest is up to builder I make 3 at time the hole gets a 3/8" plumbing brass insert on nut in furrel at home depot or any thin metal or plastic."
Thank you Robert, for sharing these plans with us!

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If you have any questions, please email Robert at  coolerscecs@earthlink.net

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