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Fixing the Bottom of a Rotted Post

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Here are a couple 150 year old posts that have seen better days. Basically there in fine shape except for the bottom 6" which is rotted. 
The repair is simple, I'm going to create a lap joint above the rot and replace with some pressure treated stock. 
Here's a better look at the problem. I've added some lines to show what I plan to remove. I will be using 4" galvi deck screws and a water proof glue to hold the new wood in place.
Here's a pic of the band saw setup. Basically open it to the height you need and make sure the tables square. Now this post is 7' tall so supporting this was tricky. I had to call my lovely assistant Patty for some much needed support! She puts up with alot from me!!!
Now a circular saw can also be used for this cut. But since the blade is round and will leave some stock, you'll have to finish up the cut with a hand saw.
Ok, here's half of the lap joint. The interior is in excellent condition! 
Here's the block in the clamps. This will be the other half of the joint. I took some 2X6 pressure treated (40cca), cut three pieces to 16", passed them thru my thickness sander to get a clean, even surface. Then I used Elmers exterior glue and clamped it up for the night. The next day I squared up the block on my table saw, and laid out the cut to match the post. Then used "T-88" to glue the repair block to the post. T-88 is an epoxy type product which is also a void filler. When the assembly comes out of the clamps, I add more to any holes or voids, kinda like bondo!
Here the posts have been taken out of the clamps and planed down so that the repair is flat and true. All thats needed is paint and there ready to be installed.
This is defiantly the house of many additions, look at the roof lines! These post used to continue to the left where the kitchen entrance is. Vinyl siding has taken much of the character away from the house ... the reason behind restoring this little bit of the past.
There they are on the right hand side. This porch was added to the house in the late 80's, you can see the roof line above the posts was never corrected.

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