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Arthur Dollhouse Kit
Doll House woodworking plans.
How to Install the
"Router Raizer"
Lift kit in your
Porter Cable 7539
3-1/4hp Router
Router Raizer, Router lift kit, Porter Cable 7539 Router
"There’s never been an easier or safer way to get quick depth-of-cut adjustments with your plunge router. The Router Raizer lets you work from both the topside and underside of your router table." The "Router Raizer" is a neat little idea, designed to adjust the height of your router either from above or below. It's excellent for router table applications, eliminating the need to get under the table to adjust the height.

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    • Craftsmen 27505, 27506, 27510, 27511
    • Dewalt DW625, & ELU 3337, 38, 39
    • Freud FT2000
    • Hitachi TR12 and M12V
    • Makita 3612 Series
    • Porter Cable 693, 7529,7538, 7539
    • Ryobi RE600
I'm going to describe how I installed it in my Porter Cable 7539. 
The Router Raizer looks kind of disappointing when you first open the box....hmmmm just alot of hardware. Closer inspection and you realize you've never seen these bits at the corner hardware store! There is also lots of directions and patterns for the different routers this can be used with.
My installation started by separating the motor from the base. then cutting a pattern (supplied) and using it to drill a 1/2" hole into the top of my router... Yikes! The hole is directly over one of the support posts (where the plunge springs are). The drive nut is secured here.
All sorts of threaded pieces are installed here, the directions walked me through the different steps....although I wasn't really sure where they were leading me. I was still trying to picture how this thing was going to work. Even reading the directions completely before starting, and studying the pictures, I still couldn't figure out how this thing worked! LOL!
While working on the base, the directions told me to drive in a nylon bushing "with authority". I found it helpful to file a chamfer on the leading edge of the bushing to help center it during installation. Revised editions will use a different approach to this step. 
Here the units hex shaped main shaft is secured and the base is now ready to be rejoined with the motor. A few pictures below show how I "gracefully" stuff those 18" springs up into the tubes and thread the main shaft up through the drive nut. 
The next pics show the upper assembly with the top drive knob and rapid collar below it. 
Here the router is at the top of it's posts.
Here the router is at full plunge. 
I had problems with the mounting of my router to my existing plastic base (black plastic). Before I had the router handles parallel to the table saw but that puts the hole for the new crank under the router fence. So I mounted it this way temporally till I get a new plastic base. I can't leave it this way because I can't turn the table saw hand wheel. I will have to mount it diagonally so I have room for the hand wheel and the new router crank.
This thing is great, works like a charm! Raises and lowers the bit effortlessly. You still need to use the plunge lock, but no more fumbling around with the height adjustment upside-down under the table! I spoke with a representative of Router Raizer, and he told me they're working on a revised installation for the Porter Cable installation, and he would send them to me along with any parts I'd need. They have a nice product here, I feel comfortable recommending the Router Raizer to everyone! Here's some more info for ya.

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