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Doll House woodworking plans.
Binky's Woodworking Presents:

How to make shelf pin holes that line up every time!
(the cheap way!)

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There are many different jigs out there that will help you make this simple shelf support system. And they work fine, but how often do I need to do this particular opperation? Not too often, so why spend money on a jig...make yer own! 
You'll need a sharp 1/4" brad point bit. To control the depth, drill a hole in a block of wood. The safest way to do this is to clamp the block in a vise to drill it out. Make it longer than you need.

7-Piece High Speed Steel Brad Point Bit Set
7-Piece High Speed Steel Brad Point Bit Set

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7-Pc. Split Collar Set

Drill Doctor Sharpening System

Ok, now stuff the bit thru a piece of pegboard, to determine how much of the bit should be poking thru. Just a bit over 1/4" (not including the point of the bit) should be enough. Trim your block if you have to. Make sure the block is right up against the chuck.
The holes in the peg board are uniformly spaced at 1" incriments. Set up your jig so you'll remember which holes you want to drill. I like to circle a group of holes i plan to use. I also like to do this before the cabinet is assembled. I use a piece of scrap in the dado where the shelf will fit to align the jig. Also flush the jig to the front edge and secure with a couple of clamps. 
Ok, now drill your holes. Put the bit into the pegboard and then squeeze the trigger. If you put the drill in while it's turning you'll damage your jig. Also don't let the drill spin in there all day, just drill the hole and get out. The longer you spin in the hole the more you'll widen the hole. 

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Now you can drill the holes at the back of the cabinet. Be sure when you set up your jig, that the holes are an equal distance to the edge of the jig. 

When you finish this side, put the jig on the oppisite side of the cabinet, being sure to keep the same end of the jig against that scrap in the dado slot. It's a good idea to mark the bottom of the jig to remove all doubt.

Now wasn't that easy? Don't expext to use the same jig forever. Inspect the holes, the're probably getting worn. Don't save the jig for the next job, make a new one.

Of course, if you'd rather just buy a jig, may I suggest this one?

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