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These plans are available to anyone who wants to make one!
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   This project is so simple, I didn't feel the need to draw plans, instead I think a short tutorial will be best way to show you how to make this. Feel free to change the size or shape to suit your own imagination!
More plans from other sources are listed near the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

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This is a real quick and easy project to make and it gets fantastic results with minimal effort! You don't even have to finish them because there made from cedar. No sanding either....I knew that would make you happy! 

Start by cutting 120 strips of 3/4" cedar 1/4" thick by 8". Then set up a drilling jig like the pics at left to drill a 1/4" hole right in the center of each piece. Be as acurite as possible. When your done you should have a pile of sticks if stacked up would reach about 30". Doesn't really matter, you can make your wind thing as long or short as you like.

Get some 1/4" threaded rod and put a castle nut on one end. (I refer to them as castle nuts, but they may be called "nylock nuts". They have rounded edges on to and a ring of nylon inside to keep them from comming loose.) Then slip on all your pieces. Figure where you need to cut the rod so you can tighten on another one of those nuts and grab a hacksaw. Tighten on the other nut real snug. Now you'll need to make a sled for cutting the tapers. Start with some scrap plywood and screw a 3/4" strip of hardwood to the bottom to fit in the miter slot of your table saw. Then using the miter slot as a guide, pass the jig thru the blade to trim off the extra.
Next take some scrap wood and screw it to the top, as pictured at left. This isn't critical where you place them, i put mine at 30 degrees and set up to remove about 1/3rd the height in taper. The picture at left shows 3 of the tapers already cut using this jig, and the last taper about to be cut. This produces lots of little cut offs, so be carefull of kickback! Safty glasses is a must, a face shield wouldn't hurt either!
Finally, drill a 1/8" hole thru the nut and the threaded rod, to accept one of those spiral type key rings. 
You can find these key rings everywhere. There a little tricky to slip on, and they will fit snugly. Then you can attach a fishing "spinner" next to keep the line from tangeling up.  All you need now is some thing to hang it from outside. A fine piece of chain looks nice or some twine that won't rot. Altogether less than 2hrs for this project!
Here's mine...
These were submitted from Robert, he sanded and painted his. Great job!
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