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Arthur Dollhouse Kit
Doll House woodworking plans.
Child's Vanity

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Shot Glass Displaycase 
Shot Glass
Display Case
Pirate's Chest- free woodworking plans
Free Pirate
Chest Plans
Horse Stable woodworking plans 
Bink's Horse Stable
Bink's Lil Wheelbarrow

I assembled the tables the same way. First I made sub assemblies of the legs and the short stretchers. Then these parts are attached to the longer stretchers. After checking for squareness, I noticed the table frame was a 1/4" out, so I used a framing square and clamped it to the frame to pull everything back to square. 
While the glue was drying on the legs, I made up some drawer runners. There made of a 3/4"X3/4" pine a 1/4"X1-1/2"piece glued and screwed together to form the piece at right. I made these pieces long, I'll cut them to fit properly later.
I fit these pieces by cutting them snug, but not so tight as they spread the rails. Glue up both assemblies and hold them roughly in position with lite pressure. Now position the drawer on the slides and adjust to make the drawer front close evenly, and be sure the drawer doesn't wobble on the slides. When your happy, remove the drawer and nail in place. If you prefer, you could predrill holes, use screws and plugs. Since I used 3/4" birch plywood, and I plan to paint this vanity, nails and puddy will be just fine. 
Clamp-It® Assembly Square and Clamps
Clamp-It® Assembly Square and Clamps

36'' & 48'' Sure-Foot™ Aluminum Bar Clamps
Sure-Foot™ Aluminum Bar Clamps

Adjustable Clamp-It™ Assembly Tool
Adjustable Clamp-It™ Assembly Tool

See my Ride: 1600 Vulcan Crusier
Notice the support pieces are a little higher than the bottom of the drawer opening. This is so the drawer slides on it's supports, not the front rail. The veneer on the plywood front would get damaged if the drawer was dragged over it.
The drawer is simple enough to make. Follow the cutting diagrams in the plans. 
The back piece has no groove for the bottom, the bottom panel is nailed to the back thru the bottom. No glue on this panel. Also I painted the drawer first and then installed the unpainted panel afterwards. 
This pic shows how the rear panel fits into the sides. 
5'' Mini Clamp-It®  Clamp
5'' Mini Clamp-It® Clamp

Clamp-It™ Assembly Square 6-Pc. Kit
Clamp-It™ Assembly Square 6-Pc. Kit

Forrest 8'' Deluxe Dado King
Forrest 8'' Deluxe Dado King

Cut 4 triangle pieces and glue and screw them to the table frame about 1/16" below the top of the rails. Then center, side to side, and screw the table top in place, but make sure the back of the table top is flush with the outside of the back legs. This is important because the back legs help support the mirror later.
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