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Doh! I got a new combination DVD / VCR player for my bedroom this Christmas...but it's too big! The last one I made was plywood with but joints and nail. Pretty rough for a cabinet maket!   I'll make a new one out of a material called MDF (medium density fiberboard) and use some simple stop dados instead of nails. Total time...less than one hour! Lets begin!
I started with a premade MDF shelf slab from Home Depot. It was left over from another job. and cost me around $6.00
These shelves also already have a bull nose routed along one edge. I thought of duplicating this detail along both sides of the shelf, but since no one will see this except for me, I decided not to. You can If you wish.
I started out by ripping the sheet to 10" from the round nose. Cut the that piece to lenght, considering the width of the player, air gaps around it, leg width and hangover on each side. Final length came to 20-1/2". Yours could be different. Then I ripped the smaller section (with the bull nose) to 9" wide, so the legs will be flush to the back, but shy of the front by an inch.
Ok, now lets make some blind dados! Start by chucking a 3/4" straight cutting bit in your router table, and set the height to 3/16". now just like the pic at left, slap a piece of masking tape to your router tables fence and make a markon the tape where the stock touches the cutting edge of the bit. 

Obviously you want the router unpluged during this step!

Now do the same to the other side. I like to keep the tape above the workpiece, so it doesn't have the tendancy to roll up between the fence and your workpiece.
Ok, now remember the sides were 1" narrower than the top? Lets take that and mark 1" from the bullnose (see picture at left) Do that to both sides nearest the bull nose.
Now one last adjustment, move the router tables fence 1/2" away from the bits cutting edge. This will be the hang over beyond the cabinets side piece.
Now to make the blind dados. Start with the left side of the shelf up against the fence as shone in the pic at left. Line up the shelfs line with the line on the fence closest to the bull nose. Start your router with the piece raised above the bit and the lines positioned like this, and then push the stock down onto the bit and then keeping the stock against the fence, push the stock from right to left till the bit pops out the back. 
Keep your fingers clear!!!
Now to do the other side, flip the workpiece around and push the stock into the bit, but stop when your workpiece line meets the fence line which is closest to the bull nose. Without moving the stock, shut off the router holding the stock still till the bit stops completely.
Now look what you've done! Funny how the radius of the blade matches the radius of the bullnose, eh?

Oh Oh, seems the MDF is a whisker thicker than my dado! I can't push the stock into the dado without damaging something here. 

Not a problem, loosen the fence a bit and tap the fence away from the bit ever so slightly. Retighten the fence and make a second pass just as before minding the lines on the tape. 

Now you can cut the two side pieces from the 9" stock you cut earlier. remember to add the 3/16" for th sides to fit into the dados!
Ok, now pull out the glue and coat both the dado and the mating piece of the side.
Assembly is easy, flush the side with the back of the shelf, and push it into the dado with a couple of clamps. I use a Bessy corner clamp to keep the assembly square. 

Looks like i went a little crazy with the glue, the best way to remove the squeezeout is to let it partiall dry, and peal it off in one piece with a sharp chisle. 
Here is a better pic of the clamp.  Maximum opening: 7/8'' one side and 2-1/2'' other side for members of different thicknesses and up to 1-3/4'' for members of equal thicknesses.
Ah! everything is back in order! Now get out of my bedroom!

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