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Arthur Dollhouse Kit
Doll House woodworking plans.
Marble Machine Toy
To listen to this noisey thing  Click Here 

Shot Glass Displaycase 
Shot Glass
Display Case
Pirate's Chest- free woodworking plans
Free Pirate
Chest Plans
Horse Stable woodworking plans 
Bink's Horse Stable
Bink's Lil Wheelbarrow

Follow this link to buy the plans!

This is the Pic that came with the plans. If your interested in getting the plans, there is a link at the bottom of this page, and on the pages that follow the progress of this project. 

Doesn't look that tough does it? Little did I know what I was in for! Lets start with the 6 piers and the supports that connect them at the top.

Ahhh, looks a little tougher now! Each of the cross supports are compound angle cuts of 60 degrees by 4 degrees. The first creates the hexagon shape and the latter makes the piers flair out toward the bottom. Yes, this step was a pain in the @$$!!! This was the second attempt. The direction wanted the piers first attached to the base!
This left me trying to attach the upper supports between these floppin piers. i got too aggravated and started over. I first attached one pier to one upper support till I had 6 assemblies. Then I started to combine them till the assembly was complete. This was also awkward so maybe the original plan was the way to go.


See my Ride: 1600 Vulcan Crusier

OK, that looks better! Not a very good pic but it came out pretty close to perfect. I still need to add a handle to the top, do that later.
Here's a closeup of the feet, 3/4" walnut glued and screwed to the base. The base is 3/4" ash plywood with a 3/4 by 3/4" walnut trim covering the end grain. 
Now the fun starts!  A 3/4" core box bit centered at 1/4" depth makes the gutters for the marbles. Again I'm using walnut but later I'll use some leftover laminated walnut/ash pieces. Feather board and a push stick are required to push this thru the router table saftly!

Here I'm drilling a 3/4" hole for the marble to drop through. You can see the laminated walnut & ash in this scan. Always clamp securely when using Forstener Bits.
OK here's a whole mess of gutters and things all mounted in place. The  gizmo releases the balls one at a time with about a 2 second interval (so I an told! We'll see!) I have it temporarily mounted to a piece of plywood to aid in  
adjusting the mechanism.
Here's a closeup of the release mechanism. Load the marbles at the top and then manually start the first one down. As it travels the weight of the marble loads and then releases the next marble. Works nicely! 
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If you'd like to buy the plans, click here:

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